What we offer

What we offer

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, the ODCD would be delighted to get to know you. There is a vital need for informal pastoral care in a society where deaf or hard of hearing people often experience isolation and loneliness because of their communication difficulties.

  • ODCD can arrange regular visits from our BSL trained Chaplains and volunteers. If needed, we can also provide support if you or a deaf person you care for is bereaved or taken into hospital as well as providing assistance at baptisms, weddings or other celebrations.
  • We organise social events for the deaf and hard of hearing and provide details of church services, bible study groups and prayer groups taking place around the Diocese that include communications support such as BSL interpreters, screen presentation of texts and lip speakers.
  • We have links with a wide variety of organisations and networks such as the Diocese of Oxford, Age UK, Deaf Direct and Social Services teams to make sure that news and information relevant to the deaf and hard of hearing community in the Diocese is passed on through our e-newsletter, the LINK Magazine and other mailings, our website and our network of volunteers.
  • We provide advice to churches wanting to improve their provision for the deaf and hard of hearing, and offer grants towards activities that will help this. Find out more about the type of things we support.

We can introduce you to a welcoming community of people of all ages who have experience of living with or helping others who live with deafness or some form of hearing loss.

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