What every church needs

What your church needs to be open to the deaf and hard of hearing

Good communication is essential to the Gospel message of which the church is custodian. Thinking about good communication for the deaf and hard of hearing will, in practice, help everybody in the church to further mission and worship.


It is recognized that as church sizes vary, both resources and need may increase with size, so a gradient of provision is produce below:

Essential for all churches

  • A high quality sound system of microphones and loudspeakers to be provided throughout the worship area: ideally bring in a sound engineer to advise you.
  • Hearing loop available throughout the church worship area and meeting rooms (ODCD and other charities can often provide contributions towards the cost.)
  • A clear view of worship leader and preacher.
  • Good lighting, falling on the worship leader and preacher.
  • Written service with clear responses: produced either clearly on paper, or visible on screen.

Good to have

  • Intercessions: written or on screen.
  • Sermon: written and full text or summary points on screen.
  • The provision of monitors in church “blind spots” such as behind pillars or in overflow room or chapel areas so that the worship leaders of preacher may be seen.
  • A high quality sound system of microphones and loudspeakers to be provided in all meeting rooms.
  • No speech over music.

Ideal, in addition to the above

  • To provide a BSL interpreter within sight of the worship leader/preacher during services, and at meetings, especially public meetings.
  • When available, provision of speech to text software projected onto a visible screen.

And now…

If your church already provides some or all of these facilities, please let us know so that we may add your church to the list of “deaf friendly churches” that we show on our website.