Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy Team

In the Church of England the work of the Chaplains among deaf people is pretty much the same as that of parish priests, the difference being that the Chaplains are there specifically for deaf and hard of hearing people and they work over a much wider area.

The Chaplains are trained in the use of Sign Language and are aware of the culture and needs of deaf and hard of hearing people. In the Diocese of Oxford we are very fortunate in having Chaplains, Lay Ministers and local clergy who are available to support deaf and hard of hearing people, and to remind hearing people in local hearing churches of their existence and their gifts as well as their needs.

The Chaplains are there to offer worship using appropriate communication such as Sign Language and technology such as loop systems, and to encourage congregations in their life and work.

We take services in deaf centres, churches and community centres. We are willing to respond to any pastoral need, to offer advice and show support in times of need, for example when deaf people are in hospital. Or we can refer people on to one of our volunteers or other agencies when appropriate.

The Chaplains are available to take Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals, to interpret for deaf people when necessary, altogether to do what we can to support Christian people who happen to be deaf or hard of hearing.

Lead Chaplain - Revd. Dr Hannah Lewis (from 31st January 2022)

Assistant Chaplain - Vacant

Honorary Chaplain - Revd. Vera Hunt MBE

The Revd. Vera Hunt MBERevd Vera Hunt - Honourary Chaplain ODCD
Fax/Minicom: 01628 623909
Or via Text Direct : 18002 01628 623909 (for hearing
people without a minicom)




Licensed Lay Ministers

Our three Licenced Lay Ministers complete the ministry team by their considerable contribution to the worship of the community in addition to their teaching and pastoral support.

The full ministry team is shown below, and viewing from the left are: Mr Ken Dyson; Mrs Anna Knaggs; Rev’d Vera Hunt MBE; Rev’d Katie Tupling and Mr Bruce Armour. Rev’d Ben Whitaker is to the far right who was part of the team until he resigned in December 2019 to concentrate on other commitments. Rev'd Katie Tupling resigned in August 2020 to concentrate on her role as Diocesan Disability Advisor.